Today's Obligatory MLS Update

It's been four days since out last MLS update! Dear God, will someone please think of the children!?

The 2007 season kicked off on Saturday (Freshman now WAY behind with those previews) with a match between the Colorado Arsenal Rapids and D.C. United. Even though the Rapids new unis are West Ham-esque, I still can't root for a team associated with Arsenal. Meanwhile Christian Laettner now has a stake in D.C. United, so really this game was a lose-lose for me. Also, it wasn't a very good game, which may explain why I feel asleep late in the second half. Way to put on a show in your first ABC game of the year, MLS. Next ABC Game: the Championship, only 27 months away.

So what's one way to make this league more exciting? Two words: Giorgio Chinaglia. That's right, the man with exactly three redeeming qualities - he's Italian, he scored a lot of goals, and he speaks English with a Welsh accent - claims he could run the MLS much better. He also claims that not one MLS team would stand a chance against his old NY Cosmos team. Bold words from a man that speaks them with a Welsh accent. Though I'm not sure heading up the MLS would be a good move by the league, considering Chinaglia was charged with extortion and insider trading at Lazio last October.

Still, we need to get this guy involved. We don't need to hand the league over to him, but let's give him some honorary title. Some sort of good will ambassador thing, except, you know, minus the good will. He'd be like the anti-Barkley. He'd still say outlandish things, but he'd be a dick about it and everyone would hate him. Good times. He can be the face of American Soccer. What Dick Vitale did for college basketball, maybe Chinaglia can do for soccer and be less obnoxious at the same time. A vote for Chinaglia is a vote for the future of American Soccer, if you ask me. And that's the way it should be.

Chinaglia, Unsurprisingly, Say He Could Run MLS Better
[The Offside Rules]

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  1. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    The Rapids uniforms are 100% Gooner-style. That game was horrible, absolutely horrible. I watch the MLS very regularly and that was bad. The game to watch was the Red Bulls-Columbus game only to see how much better Reyna was than everyone else. He dominated the midfield.

    Not really sure what to think of the debut of Toronto FC. They played like a team that Mo Johnston manages. That is not a good thing.

    Giving the heads up has full games after each weekend. This almost always the best way to watch the MLS. The product is so spotty that it needs to be put through a filter.  

  2. # Blogger Freshman

    It seems like the world is conspiring to stop me from finishing these previews before Beckham arrives (which, by the way, is now my official goal date). First, I lose a court case, then Brewer gets salmonella (spelling?), and now I'm back at work. It feels like the universe is trying to stop me from uncovering its master cubic secret. I will not be denied.  

  3. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    I thought the season started when he got here. Nate Jaqua is going to win the Golden Boot off of crosses. Also Landon Donovan is going to go on double dates with Posh and Beckham.

    Beckham's debut match is against Chelsea FC in an exhibition. Then his first MLS game is going to be against Toronto FC. He is going on the Jason tour his first two games.  

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