Watching Games On MLB Gametracker Is Torture

I'm sitting in the computer lab now trying to be responsible and doing my homework. Therefore, I couldn't be there in person at PNC Park to watch the Pirates home opener. So I'm watching the game on the legalized chinese water torture machine that is MLB Gametracker. Due to the speed of baseball I can see every picth while I'm writing an essay. Here is my question: Why does it take like a minute longer than any play could take to register into the interface that a ball hit in play is an out or a hit?

I appreciate the fact that the MLB is giving away coverage of the game for free for people who can't be at home to watch the game but god damn. Nothing in the world could be more boring than this. I've seen like every Ang Lee movie too, this is much worse. Watching the Masters yesterday was much more interesting. Speaking of which, why has the PGA just decided that instead of improving courses to the new distances players hit
the ball, to just make every course ridiculously hard. Winning a major shooting over par kind of mocks the entire sport of golf. Back to Gametracker the Pirates are bringing it big time today, getting a solid two hits.

Back to my 4th hour in the computer lab trying to figure out everything I haven't done this semester.

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  1. # Blogger Nickbb9

    because it has to come from the game to the scorekeeper then the scorekeeper has to send it to the gametracking company and then they have to type it up and put it on the website. and BANG you've got your gametracker  

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