Pakistan's Cricket Board is on the case!

A little over a week ago Pakistan's cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, was found dead in his Jamaican hotel room. Woolmer's death came shortly after Ireland had upset Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup. Jamaican Police had ruled the death as 'suspicious' initially before officially ruling it as a MURDER. However, this explanation was not good enough for the super sleuths on the Pakistan Cricket Board.
"Pakistan cricket board officials suspect that the death of coach Bob Woolmer was due to natural causes and that the Jamaican police acted hastily by declaring it a murder.

A senior official of the board, who asked not to be identified, said they had received information that there could have been mistakes in the first autopsy on Woolmer's body."
Good to know that the goings on at the Pakistan Cricket Board seems completely on the up and up. Next up on the docket, the PCB diagnoses Terry Schiavo via satellite.

Police: Death of Pakistan cricket coach 'suspicious' [USA Today]
Pakistan Cricket Board: Not A Murder [With Leather]

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