Text Messages I Would Send To Rob Stone

Not Rob Stone but a Rob none the less. It's 3am I must be lonely.

During last night's 0-0 borefest with Guatemala, commentator Rob Stone or Stoney made a comment about injured US striker Taylor Twellman sending him a text message. The gist of the text message was "Bob Said No Go Tonight" or something to that affect. This got me thinking what text messages would I send to Rob Stone.

1. "Stoney Stoney you trying to drink"

2. "Isn't Eric Wynalda a dick, come you can tell me"

3. "Is Brandi Chastain really retarded or is that a character she plays on TV"

4. "Does Bruce Arena smell as bad as I think he does by looking at him"

5. "I luv u"

After getting a couple of replies back from Stoney it would denigrate into me sending texts to hear myself talk. I have a problem, yes but can I still be your friend Rob Stone. Please I'm really lonely.

Oh and if the National Team doesn't want games like last night don't play shit teams like Guatemala. Their coach new that if they opened up they would have got slaughtered. So to save his own ass he played defensively like a smart coach. Jonathan Spector looked really good last night, pride of the Hammers huh Freshman and Brendan.

3 Responses to “Text Messages I Would Send To Rob Stone”

  1. # Blogger B. Marcks

    Highlight of the game, by far, coming back from the half Stone begins by backing off his "Hey these refs are Mexican" quote. Good times. And for the love of god, ESPN, is it that hard to get an HD camera to Texas!?  

  2. # Blogger Freshman

    I think we're unfairly shifting the focus from Wynalda, who may be the most unprofessional announcer working today. He's one hard foul away from yelling "HELL 2 DA NAW" and charging the pitch to take on a 5'5" Latin American. We need to bring back Shep Messing. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  

  3. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    That "the refs are Mexican" comment was great. I think there is something endearing about Wynalda and his uncontrollable anger. He wants American to win and he will be god damned if a tiny mexican is going to ruin that.

    If I could get a three man booth of Shep, Stoney, and Wynalda my life would be complete. LOOK AT THAT *PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE* OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!  

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