Man or Astro-man?

Kobe Bryant. MAN.

After becoming only the second player in NBA history to put up 50 points in four consecutive games (averaging 56 points a game while shooting better than 50% from the field over that stretch) Mamba cooled down a bit in the final three quarters of Sunday night's game. Kobe finished with 43 (GASP!) after a MONSTER start (9 points in the first two minutes and 17 at the end of the first quarter). The Lakers, winners of their last four, squeaked by the Warriors 115-113. Kobe had seven turnovers and zero assists while getting to the charity stripe only 11 times.

Why Kobe didn't hit the 50 spot again? Any number of reasons: he kept his turnovers down in the previous four games, he also got to the charity stripe several more times a game. Maybe he was tired. Maybe Mamba had proven his point to 'Melo as he surged past Anthony to take control of first place in the scoring race. Honestly, I don't know how Golden State's defense played him as I watched the game entirely on Yahoo!Sports. But if they weren't double teaming him every single possession then Don Nelson is absolutely insane. (Yeah, I watched the entire game on Yahoo!Sports, what of it?) Even though he didn't put up 50 again (Wilt holds the record at 7 games in a row), the Kobe Watch is still in effect when the Lakers host the Grizz on Tuesday night.

Landon Donovan. ASTRO-MAN.

After what some might consider several sub-par years of soccer for the US Men's National Team, Donovan has come out on fire this year. The man who once looked like the future of American soccer and then went into shut down mode (including a failed stint in Deutschland) has come roaring back this year with two goals in two matches. Sunday afternoon's friendly against a solid Ecuador squad was no different. Donovan scored quickly and often, with his second career hat trick playing for the USMNT. His first goal came a mere 35 seconds into the game, his second in the 66th minute with his third coming less than a minute later.

So is Donovan back? Who knows, all I can say is that this is the best he's played in forever. Hopefully this is the man's return to form. Hopefully this is his long awaited breakthrough. Hopefully this is the start to a Mambaesque scoring streak. Okay maybe that's a bit much to ask. It was just great to watch a game and not wonder where his head was for once. On Sunday afternoon Donovan looked better than anyone else on the field, while the rest of the USMNT showed little of Donovan's brilliance, which included a shaky performance by US keeper Tim Howard. Meanwhile, Bob Bradley became the first coach in US history to win his first three games and looks to keep his position as head of the Men's National Team. All in all a good - but not great - day for the USMNT which included a fantastic performance by Landon Donovan. Finally.

8 Responses to “Man or Astro-man?”

  1. # Blogger Maximis

    Why is Mamba such an awesome nickname? If no one ever brought up the nickname 'dagger' again I know I would be a better person...  

  2. # Blogger Freshman

    Apparantly Donovan's a leader now because he's married. He says he's more mature, which may mean he now has the ability to tolerate German-speaking people.  

  3. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    I'm praying to god that getting married has finally matured the giantic pussy that is Landon Donovan. He is so much more gifted than any soccer player with red, white, and blue blood flowing through them. An absolute world-class player when he wants to be. I was disheartened by his comments that he may not play in the Gold Cup and Copa America this summer.

    Oh and Sunil Gulati if Bob Bradley isn't made permanent national team manager I'm going to kill you. Not be upset I will go to New York and murder you. Bradley is a breath of fresh air, he does crazy shit like play the best player available at the position (see Feliheber, Benny). The USA actually has a little swagger and flexibility to their play in the midfield. Yesterday, renewed my faith in America.

    Oh and Kobe is the greatest pure scorer in NBA history.  

  4. # Blogger Freshman

    At first glance I thought you were going to kill me if Sunil Gulati didn't remove the interim tag. That's a lot of responsibility to place on a Turk  

  5. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    I may start killing off my friends too if Bradley isn't made permanent. Can you deal with that Gulati?  

  6. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    Tim Howard's decision-making was very odd yesterday too. Which doesn't make sense considering he is playing as good as anyone in the EPL.

    Also those jersey's yesterday were magnificent. I have read some criticism of them but I am a big fan. I need to buy me a Onyewu one ASAP.  

  7. # Blogger B. Marcks

    Yeah, I kind of like the, but would only get one if I could get "Gooch" on the back. Or a Mavs jersey that says "Whale Killer"  

  8. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    Oh without a doubt I wanted a Dempsey jersey with Duece on the back but he has been MIA since going to Fulham. I worry he may not find the same confidence he had pre-transfer. Onyewu being referred to as simple Gooch by all the announcers makes me smile. Although I could have done without the comparison to Michael Clayton. Just because a big, athletic black guy plays soccer I don't need to be reminded of what position he would play if he played football. G  

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