The Greatest Story Ever Told

The blog EYECONIC has a solid list of the Top 10 basketball commercials of all time. There are some good picks, a lot of them being newer (from the last 10 years or so). The Nike commercial with all the players dibbling to a beat has to be Number One (the beat was done by Afrika Bambaataa, which makes it that much cooler). And where are the old school Bird/Jordan H-O-R-S-E commercials? Either way, this is one commercial I thought should have been on the list, but didn't make it.

Top Ten Basketball Commercials [EYECONIC]
Air Jordan XX [YouTube]

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  1. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    I love the #1 commercial. That Jordan crossing up Bryon Russell clip is my favorite basketball moment ever. Even more than "THE STEAL BY BIRD".

    I'll never forget where I was and what I was doing when watching that game. Walking around a room in Watertown, NY collecting money for a bet with three of my 6th grade friends. I bet Jordan was going to come off a Pippen pick and make the shot. I was wrong he just crossed him up. The pose with Jordan holding his hands up as the ball goes in should be the NBA logo.

    I can't believe that there are ten year old kids who never saw Jordan on the Bulls. Man I feel old.  

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