We Report. You Decide.

More important than NCAA Bracket Snubs. More important than who is seeded where. The debate amongst basketball enthusiasts everywhere: Has the goofiest dancer in basketball history been dethroned?

I'll let you, dear readers, decide for yourselves.

First: Mark 'Mad Dog' Madsen

Second: Joakim Noah

Here's hoping that the tournament is decided by an Aaron Gray/Tyler Hansbrough break-off.

White People Should Not Dance [YouTube]
Joakim Noah Dancing [YouTube]

Bonus Link:
Angst at Aaron Gray [YouTube]

2 Responses to “We Report. You Decide.”

  1. # Blogger Melby

    i think that kid and totos (circa 2003) should hang out. and then nick could punch them BOTH in the face.

    and i would laugh.  

  2. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    Is Noah doing a modified Andre 3000 circa "Skewin on the Barbie" dance? If so I want his time machine to where black dudes aren't snap dancing anymore. I would pay money to watch Gray do the Chicken Noodle Soup or move faster than Lurch.  

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