Don't Mention The War!

The NFL, in addition to being the most popular professional sports league in North America, has a reputation for being overly strict. The No Fun League has been, over the past several season, cracking down on pretty much anything they could to make sure everyone - players, coaches, etc - falls into line. And apparently The NBA wants in on that action.

David Stern, professional basketball overlord and purveyor of a great mustache circa 1984, has gradually been heading in that direction. Starting last year with the dress code and continuing this year with the failure that was Orange Roundie, Stern has been coming down firmly on issues that don't seem to matter at all. Now Stern is taking aim at The Nightmare Man or at least those interested in The Nightmare Man.

Kevin Durant has been widely touted as a Top Two pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, and rightfully so. With the age limit in the NBA, this is the first season in which players (like Durant and Greg Oden) had to spend a year in college before they could make the jump to the NBA. Of course, very few people have had delusions about what is happening. Durant and Oden (most likely among others) take a year in college, hang out, play ball, and make the big money the following year. So of course the talk also season has been Durant and Oden and where the fit into the NBA.

HOWEVER, Stern will not stand for this! How dare the media, coaches, and upper management offer opinions on players that almost certainly will be in The Association next season!

In one of the more ridiculous moves in recent memory, The NBA has fined the Celtics $30,000 for GM Danny Ainge's contact with the Durant family. Although, in Ainge's defense he claims he had not control over where he was seated durring the Big 12 tournament. He just happened to be seated next to the Durants is all. In addition to this, The Association has fined the Bobcats and the Warriors $15,000 a piece for comments made to the media about Durant and/or Oden.

I’m not sure what the NBA expects here. Do they just assume GMs and others involved in The Association will toss out a 'no comment'? Do they think that the media will not make the connection between the NCAA and the NBA? Sports media in places like Boston has been salivating all season for a chance at Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. I don't think that the GMs and higher-ups should be expected to not make mention of it. The NBA can't have an age minimum and expect there to be no consequences. This, as trivial as it might be, is one of them. When young players are prohibited from entering the league and forced to play in college, then the media, the fans, the coaches, the players, the front office and everyone else is going to talk about said athletes playing at The Next Level.

But no one is safe in the eyes of the NBA. They fined Michael Jordan. Let this be a lesson, people. Keep your opinions to yourselves! Stern is watching! To be on the safe side don't comment on anything non-NBA related. Better yet keep your mouths shut. Pretend they don't exist. Repeat after me: "O.J. Mayo who?" This is the only option until the NBA publishes its list of Things That Can Be Talked About. Think of it as a dress code for your thoughts.

NBA Quiets Oden/Durant Buzz []

4 Responses to “Don't Mention The War!”

  1. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    I've never liked the nickname of "The Nightmare Man" for Durant. He just doesn't have a guy who injects horrifying images into people's dreams. My pick for that nickname Mike Tomlin. AHHH THE TAMPA 2 I DON'T UNDERSTAND COVERAGE LINEBACKERS.  

  2. # Blogger B. Marcks

    He's The Nightmare Man. And Dwight Howard is Doctor Thunder. The decision has been made.  

  3. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    I like the Doctor Thunder name because thats a great Dr. Pepper knock-off. As you know I am a man who enjoys knock-off foodstuffs. Don't know what my personal quirks have to do with Dwight Howard. Waiting for an episode of Discovery Channel's brilliant show "Dirty Jobs" that I have seen 4 times makes you think crazy things.

    Mike Rowe should win a Emmy or a fucking Cable Ace award. Whatever awards they give out to shows where a dude cleans up horseshit and makes sexual puns.

    That game at the Pete tonight was crazy too. I'm convinced Candice Parker is Smush Parker doing a Juwanna Man routine  

  4. # Blogger Freshman

    That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about Smush Parker.  

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