The Real Fab Five?

So, Florida wins its second national title in a row with the same starting 5. Everybody is now comparing this class to the original Fab Five. This comparison is stupid to me Florida actually won two national titles. Michigan paying Chris Webber won them no national titles.

In the grand scheme of things the most memorable thing about last nights game inevitably is going to be Greg Oden's performance. After being shit on for never going all out due to the injury he brought it. I don't think his title game performance was Carmelo level but I think it showed he doesn't need another year in college. Oden has another gear that he rarely showed due to rust. Hopefully, by the time the NBA season rolls around next year Oden will be ready to give that type of play every night.

Florida and Ohio St., as programs, are beginning to show the giant cracks in the NCAA system. Money breeds success no other way around it. It doesn't make sense to me that two schools can run national title level programs in the two biggest sports. I'm absolutely convinced that Ohio St. is and has been paying players for the past 10 years. Florida I'm not so sure about due to the pedigree in football and a great basketball coach. Donovan has been able to recruit since day 1 in Gainesville. Thad Motta did a great job at Xavier but nothing about OSU as a basketball school would lead you to believe they could turn it around so fast.

So enjoy those national tile games while you can Florida and Ohio St. Other schools are going to start catching up to the amount of money that you put in athletics.

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