The Day That Happiness Died

Goodbye Lord Zero
For how long, only God knows
Quality shot, sir

Tiger chest tattoo
Online poker at half time
For now, just silence

No more Hibachi
No more last second daggers
No more smiles at all

We hardly knew ye
Eccentric man of D.C.
Antawn's time to shine

Six more months until
We see his greatness once more
Trampolines are fun

3 Responses to “The Day That Happiness Died”

  1. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    I was watching ESPN news when this happened and I got a little teary eyed. Shit like this always happens. Zero will get his chance because it is already written in time.

    Keep ya head up Zero  

  2. # Blogger lebullet

    tell me you wrote that haikui just to get that picture of hibachi on your blog everytime i see it i am like i have to incorporate that into my life some how!  

  3. # Blogger lebullet

    BTW.. this is the email my roomate sent out after the news broke...

    If none of you guys are too busy this weekend, please come to our house and watch Quinn drink himself into a coma as our theme party will be “The Barbecue is off b/c the Hibachi is busted.” All attendees are invited to wear a Gilbert Arenas jersey and some sort of knee brace/crutches accessory.

    It should be a knee-tearingly good time.

    I’m out, like the Bullets from the first round.

    DAMMIT!!!!!! i thought this was the year we get some playoff experience and make the push next year... but no everyone has to go an dbreak things. F!!!  

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