...But Watching Games on MLB TV is AWESOME!!! OMG LOL ROFL N00BSAUSAGE!!!

Well Jason...I agree with you...the MLB Gametracker sucks a big fat sausage...but in a rebuttal...MLB TV is life-changing.

When you live in California, and your favorite baseball team is the Philadelphia Phillies, chances are that you may get to see 1/2 of one game in a season...if you're lucky. Many a day did I pass wondering 'How the hell is Ryan Howard? Still a Beast?' 'What does Chase Utley's facial hair look like today?' And, most importantly, 'Is Charlie Manuel still a fat piece of junk who can't speak English yet calls himself a manager?' Many of these questions would never have been answered, had it not been for MLB TV.

Now its Story Time!!!
One April afternoon at UC Santa Cruz, I had just finished hitting the bong with a friend (You know, its a hippie school...). He then leaned in, laughed for about 5 minutes, and informed me that he had just purchased a subscription to MLB TV. He whispered 'Would you like my username and password, so you can try it?' I thought to myself...'He's high, he won't even remember...', and took him up on the offer. That was the day my life changed forever...

MLB TV is amazing. You get to watch live TV...ON YOUR COMPUTER! This blew my mind. Now this was in a time before things like YouTube were popular, but nonetheless, I had NEVER heard of live TV streaming into MY computer screen. It was GLORIOUS. I rushed home every day from class at around 4 PM to see the 7 PM Phightin's play (Time Zones are a bitch, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise), and caught about 15-20 games before he decided to change his password. Once that happened, I contemplated suicide for every day after that for the next 2 months.

...But I got over it. And now I have a strange affinity for the Pirates...its weird...and plus, it's easier in 2007 because the Phillies are literally terrible. No seriously. I watched them this weekend. They suck like an armada of Hoover's.

And now that I've rambled for awhile, I will end this post with the best part of MLB TV: The commercial breaks! Being that you are watching whatever station affiliate they choose, you don't see commercial breaks. Instead, you get an insider look at what happens behind the scenes during commercials. All I can say is, lots of camera focusing, and the announcer's talking about their bad gas due to the dollar hot dogs they ate too many of. Its fantastic.

I don't know how much MLB TV costs, nor do I feel like looking it up, but I think they have a free trial. If you live out of range of your favorite team, you should try it. Maybe they'll even throw in a free subscription of Sports Illustrated. They like to do that.

Also, I'm now taking bets on when the Pirates will collapse. They are currently 4-3 and just got shut out 3-0 by the LaRussa Love Bunch...but hey, at least the hot Tom Gorzelanny goes for the Buccos tomorrow.

3 Responses to “...But Watching Games on MLB TV is AWESOME!!! OMG LOL ROFL N00BSAUSAGE!!!”

  1. # Blogger Jason Cramer

    As Dave has already told me, the Pirates are the only team over .500 to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. They can't collapse if they aren't built on anything. Enjoy the ride to 75 wins. I know I will.  

  2. # Blogger B. Marcks

    Grant, you are now on banned from the use of all elipses. Also, what the hell is Noobsausage? Seriously.  

  3. # Blogger Maximis

    I don't know what Noobsausage is, but I like it.

    Sometimes I make up words.  

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