I Hate Toledo

For the uninitiated, a little back story: On September 21, 2003 a promising University of Pittsburgh Fightin' Panthers Football Team made its way to the campus of the University of Toledo to take on the Rockets in a contest in which the Fightin' Panthers were favored to win. Three people, myself included, took a trip to Toledo that very night, in hopes of watching our beloved Larry Fitzgerald lead his Panthers team to victory. Such was not the case. The Panthers were humiliated. Toledo's Bruce Gradkowski threw for 461 yards. He was 49 of 62 with ZERO sacks as the Rockets came from behind to beat the Fightin' Panthers 35-31.

The students rushed the field. The goal posts were torn down. A city celebrated. Dogs and cats lived together in harmony. Meanwhile, we had locked our keys inside of the purple Ford Ranger in which he had traveled hours across the state of Ohio. The campus riots kept AAA away for a few more hours. We waited. And drank. And watched the celebration. And drank. And when we finally got on the road, we headed back to Pittsburgh, our heads hung low*. And we drank.

Needless to say, it was not the best of nights. Which is why when news like this comes out, it brings a smile to my face.
A University of Toledo football player finds himself in hot water after an early-morning gun incident in west Toledo. Police say 21-year-old Richard Davis had an ongoing feud with a teammate on the UT football team. He apparently wanted to confront that teammate, but instead, Davis found himself face-to-face with an off-duty sheriff's deputy pointing a gun back at him.

The incident started around 4:30am on Thursday. Police say Deputy Vincent Scott was awakened by the sound of his doorbell ringing repeatedly, and the sound of somebody turning the doorknob. Scott armed himself with his service weapon, and went out the back door and confronted Davis.
You just have to love something like that. You'd think that the first move would be to make sure you knew where your Arch Rival lived. Some super villain Dick Davis turned out to be.

Things like a few wins against Toledo or a story like this, it doesn't change what happened on that one fateful September night. But it does warm the cockles or my black, vengeful heart.

Fulmer Cup Update: Rocketing To Greatness
[EDSBS via Deadspin]

* Above picture from said "Most Depressing Ride Home Ever"

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