Sic Semper Tony Parker!

So that's it. Seven and a half months of NBA all wrapped up in a nice little dominant performance. Tim Duncan gets his fourth ring. Robert Horry gets his seventh. America gets a French Finals MVP. The Cavs get Mike Brown.

I suppose this letdown was inevitable. This Spurs team was too good. Easily the best of the four championship teams. No one was going to beat them. In reality the Cavs had played over their heads to get there. They weren't ready to compete against a team like San Antonio. Not yet at least. So where go these teams go now?

The Spurs aren't looking to get any worse. They aren't losing anyone, their best players are at the peaks of their careers right now. There's no reason (barring an unforeseen injury) to think this team can't come back and do this again next year. You know, except for the fact they've never been able to come back and do it again next year.

The West is going to be just as touch next season, just expect some big changes. Dallas will look to make a move or two. Nothing huge, but defiantly something to shake things up. Something to shake off the funk of the last two post-seasons. The Lakers will get Kobe the help he needs, but who knows if it will be enough. Other than installing a new offense, the Rockets look to come back with a lot of the same lineup, but hopefully more of a hop in their collective step. Denver has an entire off-season to let their team gel. And look for Phoenix and Golden State to make some big moves, as both teams realize they have to win now or never.

Younger teams will pop up in the West. Portland could makes some waves, but I don't see them doing much damage yet. And just like every year in the wild, Wild West, they'll battle it out to see who gets to take on a sub par team from the East.

As for the Eastern Conference, it doesn't look like the 2007-2008 season is the one in which we see a swing of power. Not by a long shot. But that isn't to say that things won’t improve. There are a lot of teams in the East on the rise.

Cleveland has quite a season to be proud about, but they've also got a lot of work to do. This isn't a championship contender. Not quite yet. The problem is that they don't have a lot of moves they can make. They’ve got to try something though. If they don’t improve, and quickly, expect to see LeBron playing somewhere else in two years.

They have a core that they can build around, but they need more. Boobie Gibson played well in the post-season. And that wasn't a surprise to anyone but Mike Brown. Anderson and Drew Gooden can stick around as well. Other than that, they've got to mix it up and move some pieces around. They might still be building, but the East is getting better and better.

The Heat looks to have at least one more run left in them, but they're going to have to contend with the likes of Toronto and Chicago. Detroit's best days are behind them, but that isn't to say they can't resign Billups and try to will their way to the Finals. What happens in the East will depend on a lot of the big names that are being speculated about, particularly KG and The Matrix. If one or both those players end up in the East, the dynamic of the entire conference is shifted. The East can shift from a potential 2 or 3 contenders to a solid 5 or 6, depending on how the draft/trades go down.

As for the league itself, the NBA has to take a long hard look at some of its policies this off-season. Flopping has got to go. Stern's mustache needs to come back. They need to do something about the playoffs. This might be as simple as reseeding, just like every other major sport in America. They need to take another look at the stupid "no leaving the bench" rule. They really just need to sit down and look at the product and figure out how - in some cases - its gotten so bad and how they can fix it.

As for now, we take a long needed break from the NBA. And hope to God that the Spurs don't try to take over the world. Because I'm not sure we can stop them.

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