The Triumphant Return of Joey Table!!!

[Editor's Note: Pictures removed not only because Grant can't resize any picture, but also because the one's he picks don't work. Well done.]

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm including this picture of Joey on the Pirates A) Because I think its funny and he looks overly happy, and B) Just so we remember that he once pitched for the Pirates...along with the majority of the rest of the MLB.

...But seriously JOEY TABLE IS COMING BACK! How sad is it to be a Phillies fan, hopeful and excited to hear of 72 year old Jose Mesa's return*? And wholeheartedly believe that it might actually help the team's closing woes? The answer, of course, is very sad. Honestly though, when your current closer, the third of the young season, is Antonio Alfonseca, who wouldn't another Dominican back on the team? Plus, if its Dirty Joe, you know you'll enjoy making fun of him.

So the Phillies made the inevitable dumb move and allegedly signed Table. Jose has now played for nine teams, and I really feel like putting all of his team photos in this blog, because they all are hilarious. For now, here's one from the Rockies.
I can't figure out how to make the picture smaller, but having it big makes him seem even more joyful. And, as an added bonus, I found his stock photo from his days (now numbered) on the Detroit Tigers, further proving that he has perfected what I like to call the 'Table Smirk'.

I mean seriously...someone must have just photoshopped a different hat on his head, or else this mans expression is unchanging.

Who knows what lies in store for Jose's triumphant return to the Phillies, but I for one am excited. I am probably the only one excited, being that the Mesa's season stats are currently 1-1 with a 12.34 ERA in 16 games for the Tigers (who bought out his contract last Sunday), but nonetheless I know I will not be wanting to fly to Philadelphia and yell at Charlie Manuel everytime I see Alfonseca in the pen when we have a lead in the ninth.

Chances are this will be a brief encounter with Jose (please God let it be), because Flashy Flash and Smiley Myers are slated to come back soon. Though I know this acquisition could and probably will be disasterous, embrace it. We don't know how much more time we will have with this gem of a closer, and his veteran optimism should be welcomed in the pigpen that is Phillies relief. Hey, at least there'll be someone there that we know. I swear if I have to see 24 year old fat phenom Mike Zagurski or Rebel Yoel Hernandez relieve again, I'm going to try out for the Phillies come next spring training.

In closing, remember the good times we've had with Jose. Pitching on the same team as Albert Bell in two World Series with the Cleveland Indians. A gun charge which was reduced in 2000. Seeing him in your local dive bar drinking cheap tequila. My my, it's been quite the career Jose, and I've loved every minute of it.

Call me sometime and we'll do some shots of Montezuma, cause God knows at least one of us would enjoy it.

*Jose Mesa is actually a youthful 41.

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  1. # Blogger GM-Carson

    Gosh, for my own sanity I at least hope this isn't a complete train wreck of a return to Philly. Jose Mesa has left bad, bad, bad memories in my mind. And to think, he's the Phils all-time saves leader with 111.

    Wanna swap links?  

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