NBA Roundup: LeBron Shows Up

Some people take the day off on Memorial Day, but not here at Forty Minutes of Hell. Hell 2 Da Naw! Especially when I get scheduled to work, get up at 8 and show up only to find the building locked and no one inside. Good times. ANYWAY, on to a playoff roundup.

San Antonio vs. Utah

If they were to give out the Rookie of the Year award after the playoffs would Brandon Roy still receive all but one vote? Deron Williams has been stellar in these playoffs. Boozer has still been Utah's go-to guy, but Williams was the real difference maker in Game 3. Home court has been huge so far in this series. Utah has been the best home team in the playoffs thus far. Meanwhile, the Spurs haven't lost to the Jazz at home since 1999. It looks as like this series is going to go to the team that steals one on the road. Obviously that's easier said than done. Even though Utah made the series at bit more interesting with a Game 3 win, the Spurs are still in control. No matter what happens, you can't count out the team that has Tim Duncan. Ever.

Detroit vs. Cleveland

In Games 1 and 2 Cleveland basically blew an opportunity to win one on the road. It was the lack of LeBron and the third quarter collapses that sent them down 0-2. In Game 3, at The Q, that all changed. LeBron showed up (finally) with a convincing 32 points, 9 dimes and 9 boards. The rest of the Cavs played well too, avoiding that funk they experienced coming out of the half. And even Mike Brown didn't fuck up, going to Gibson instead of the struggling Eric Snow and Damon Jones. On the other hand, Detroit continued to play lackluster ball, showing that they can only get up for a game when their backs are against the wall. Cleveland - amazingly - has gotten into Chauncey Billups' head playing aggressive D and not letting him get his shots. He had 2 points in the entire first half. If LeBron can keep up this level of play and get his team involved, they can definitely make a series of this. But if Cleveland falls back to their old ways and Detroit goes to 'Sheed early and often, this could be over in 5

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