Deja(zz) Vu

Yeah. That's awful. I know. But in the last few minutes of last night's Jazz/Warriors show down, I saw something that looked very familiar.

Not Baron's open ice check of Derek Fisher, but J-Rich's "No showboating in our house" hack on Okur. It's really all how you look at it. Mehmet shouldn't have been looking to throw it down up big that late. But then J-Rich probably shouldn't have tried to tear Okur's head off. Either way, I'm sure Jazz fans were pissed. I'm also sure they don't remember this.

That's Utah's (steroid user) Rafael Araujo with an unnecessarily hard foul on Marvin Williams, late in a game, up HUGE. Classy. After he gets ejected - as he should have been - the Utah fans give Hafa a standing-O. Classier. And accompanying this video is some fantastic commentary by a Jazz fan that overlooks Araujo's foul almost entirely and also includes some great racist comments. Top notch.

Sure, several players on the Dubs have been ejected in this post season for losing their cool. But that's by no means a reason to root for the Jazz. There's never a reason to do that.

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