Sabres vs Rangers Game 5

I've been watching ungodly amounts of the NHL playoffs in the Trainspotting set I'm currently living in. The best matchup, thus far, has been the New York Rangers vs the Buffalo Sabres. Everything that an NHL series needs to have has been here; two awesome goaltenders, an aging star showing why he is going to the Hall of Fame, and a team/city desperate for a title. Jagr's play for the Rangers has been in one word: impressive. He is playing like its 1997 and he and Henrik Lundqvist have completely carried the Rangers into this series. On the other side of the series Buffalo, the best team in the NHL, has played their usual brand of impressive hockey. Ryan Miller, the goalie of the Sabres, has been outstanding.

Tonights game was another great one but the Sabres managed to get screwed on a goal not being allowed. With Miller pulled the Sabres whip a puck in at Lundqvist and the puck after the third or fourth replay is shown to clearly go in. Every Sabres fan remembers the Stars series where they had a goal disallowed in the Cup Final. How any sports fan that has waited years for his team to win a championship should be rooting for the Sabres?

I think I have a new role in life and that is to get people to watch the NHL and the MLS. The NHL playoffs have been really the best playoffs I have watched since the early 90's. Gary Bettman despite acting like a bumbling idiot has brought the sport back from the death.

P.S. I don't want to talk about the Chelsea-Liverpool game today. All I'm saying is that I'm very close to boarding a plane to London to save my team from a Portugese egomaniac. Mourinho your days are numbered.

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  1. # Blogger Maximis

    We actually rewinded the end of the Chelsea game and pinpointed the exact moment you yelled 'FUCK!'.

    Also, there was a hilarious man clad in gray who grabbed onto two chairs and was celebrating by jumping up and down while clenching them with a death grip. Very hilarious...sorry about your team.

    And for the record, I've watched more soccer this year than in any previous...I credit you and Freshman.  

  2. # Blogger J Cramer

    Yeah I also spent the extra time going this is going to penalties and we are going to lose. I knew it was coming and it did. I hate Liverpool more than anything in the world. I wish that a horrible 28 days later style apocalypse would befall the city. No joke  

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