Killing Time Before A Final

So, in roughly 20 minutes I have a final in Economic Game Theory and then I get to move out of the 353 in the pouring rain. Last night I'm pretty sure I had my first ever bout of night terrors but hope is on the horizon. When I get home today Chelsea FC will be taking on the most evil soccer team in the entire world, Liverpool FC, in the Semi-Finals of the Champions League.

Couple random thoughts on the big all-English Semi-Final:

1. After being basically mocked for much of the year Andriy Shevchenko has really surged back to form for Chelsea in the friendly confines of European football. Sheva hasn't adapted to his role in the English game as well as I thought he would. Today he gets a chance to get some revenge against the team that knocked him out of the 2005 Final.
2. Javier Mascherano is a wonderful player. Perhaps, one of the top-five defensive midfielders in the world. He is also a team cancer that ruined the first half of West Ham's season and somehow got FIFA to break a transfer rule for him. Every game he plays I wish for an ACL and MCL tear for him. Karma is a bitch Javier and one day your payback will come. Just like Carlos Boozer's.
3. If Chelsea were to win this Semi-Final and the scorline from yesterday holds in the second leg; Chelsea and Manchester United could meet next month to decide three trophies. Meaning in a perfect world Chelsea could do the unthinkable and pull off the much celebrated quadruple.
4. Who gives a shit about the Prisoner's Dilemma?
5. Lastly, to all Liverpool fans, I find you to be detestable human beings that have used tragic events that were your fault to build a legacy of pity. You know who will "Never Walk Alone" all those Nottingham Forrest fans and Juventus fans because they are dead. The Kop killed them. I know this isn't funny but Liverpool fans really are pieces of shit. Steaming pieces of shit.

Well time for me to get this last final over.

P.S. Look for much more activity out of me on the site now that finals are done. I'm going back to my parents house to live a room thats going to look like a scene from Trainspotting, although I won't be on heroin. Maybe I'll give some thoughts on the NHL playoffs over the next couple days.

Cooler than Freddy Jackson sippin a milkshake.

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