I Care Too Much About Chelsea FC

So just giving everybody the update I am still, in fact, alive. Although I did puke on my sheets and blanket. When is that acceptable behavior for a 22-year old man? But enough about me.

Yesterday, I got the best news in the world when I woke up Manchester United drew that meant if Chelsea could win today their destiny would be in their own hands. So, what did Chelsea do today, thats right, draw against an awful Newcastle team. This is killing me. EPL wise Chelsea has went through two different phases; one where Drogba carried the team to every win(first 3 months of the season) and one where they started playing like they should(now). So I spent my entire morning fuming about what a team thats across an ocean from me did. I'm still really upset about this nobody should like a team from a different country as much as I like them. Also save me the bullshit about Chelsea buying the Premiership title. I don't really care what you think.

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