No Agent Zero = Zero Chance/ Baron Davis' Beard Will Give the Warriors a Win

So I haven't written in quite some time, but I decided to try a serious focus. By the way, I should be drafting my resume right now, but the summer in Oakland is so nice that it makes me want to do anything BUT work. Damn, I need to get on that... Motivation...motivation...

But anyways, B, as usual, has motivated me into caring about the NBA playoffs this year. And holy crap are they proving to be not just watchable, but something I actually want to watch. Which brings me, finally, to the subject of my post: Dead horses.

Though you may have believed that, its not true, I will not be talking about dead horses, but I did just read a very funny Klosterman article in which he incorporates a dead horse joke into his article...Read his new book. Its excellent.

OK! Seriously now. Gilbert Arenas and Baron Davis. In my mind, two of the most fun to watch players in the league, and they have been for a while. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a quality shot? Or, in a past life, a good hibachi? And who can't respect a man whose trademark is a beard that would give Grizzly Adams a run for his money? But, currently, one man is wishing he could play golf (but can't because he most likely still can't walk...), and one man is looking to lead his team to the biggest victory since the playoffs went to a seven game series. This is not fair...but I can deal with it. Mainly because I love underdogs.

Being a Philadelphia sports fan, I am constantly shit on. Whether its the Phillies missing the playoffs by one game last season, or the Eagles having the most illogical draft this year, I find myself consistently in the position of rooting for the underdog. This is why I am praying that by about 12:30 PM Eastern time tonight, the Warriors will have beaten the Almighty Mavericks.

It sucks to be the Wizards, and though I like LeBron, the Wizards were arguably a better team this year. I hate it when a team goes down to injury, and the Wizards this year were a prime example of that. Without Arenas or Caron Butler, the Wizards relied on ahh...umm...uhh...Antwan Jamison to carry them? Tell me you don't hate your life? Tell me?

Because the Wizards are now gone, and being that Cleveland will forever be known as the Mistake on the Lake, I now look to mighty Baron to keep hope alive. AI and the Nuggets will soon be gone, and if the Warriors lose I will rapidly lose interest in the playoffs. And by that I mean unless I'm at Gene's Place and the game is on, I will not watch them. I know I will be rooting for Tyrus Thomas and Ben Gordon to beat the piss out of the Detroit Technical Fouls...we will have to see.

Please enjoy the game tonight, I know I will.

P.S. I'm going to my first Pirates game of the season tonight, and Tony Armas is starting. I really hope that Ted Lilly and the $10 Million a year Chicago Illogical-Decisions don't embarrass us. (Don't you like my team Nicknaming System?) But nonetheless I get a free coin for going to the game. Hazah.

2 Responses to “No Agent Zero = Zero Chance/ Baron Davis' Beard Will Give the Warriors a Win”

  1. # Blogger Freshman

    I feel the world needs to know that Grant was actively pulling for the Phillies to lose at the end of last season. I'll leave it up to him to explain, as I still don't understand it. Let's just say he won't be in charge of pulling the plug in my will.  

  2. # Blogger J Cramer

    I can't believe Baron is under 30 I could have sworn he was older.  

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