Billy Don't Lose My Number: Some NHL Playoff Thoughts

Thought I would give some thoughts I've had from watching the NHL playoffs over the last few days in complete solitude:

1. Thumbs up to the NHL as a whole. The quality of the product in the NHL is so high right now its like Lil' Wayne rapping on a posse track. NHL throwaway lines are better than what the NFL is giving us on the lead single of their album.

2. Roberto Luongo is the best goalie I have ever seen. He has the speed and penchant for the big save of Dominic Hasek with the puck control of Patrick Roy. If somehow Vancouver can get him some goals and defense they could still make a run at the cup.

3. Book it right now the Stanley Cup Final will be San Jose vs Buffalo. The tortured Sabres fans may finally get their Cup. I hope they lose though because I still hate Pat LaFontaine, no reason other than he finished second to Mario Lemieux the year he got cancer.

4. Vs is like watching a public access channel broadcasting a major sport.

I made that one quick because I realize that like 3 people care about the NHL Playoffs. Please, give it a chance after the 70 hour marathon of boring that is the NFL Draft. Oh my god, the Steelers took a DE are they going to 4-3, AHHHHH THE EXCITEMENT. Hey Roger Goodall, go suspend someone again without making a rule and then play the Super Bowl in London. When the NFL falls I'm going to be the happiest man in the world. Go sugarcoat and overproduce your product some more you mother fuckers. Fuck I hate the NFL and all the coverage. Did you hear about that guy Tono Romo I HEAR HE IS DATING CARRIE UNDERWOOD?

2 Responses to “Billy Don't Lose My Number: Some NHL Playoff Thoughts”

  1. # Blogger B. Marcks

    Just for the record, durring this afternoon's Yankees/Red Sox game on Fox the FANTASTIC announcing crew of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are talking about the NFL draft and showing graphics recapping the top picks.  

  2. # Blogger J Cramer

    Great just great  

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