So I Gave Up Tap For Jazz And I've Never Regretted It

A few notes on The Association while I try to avoid watching the Yankees crumble like biscotti.

1. The first round of the playoffs has yet to show us anything surprising. The Heat are old. The Warriors have an insane offense. Kobe needs help. Steve Nash has all the help in the world. AI is very good. Baron Davis' beard is awesome. The Mavs and The Spurs look rusty, seeing as they didn't even try over the last two weeks of the season.

2. Larry Brown may have lost his mind. It's being reported that he's looking to head to Memphis to coach the Grizz, which to me seems like an unattractive position at best. They could very well end up with the first pick of the draft, but then again Brown doesn't play rookies. Ever. Other than that, Memphis' franchise guy, Pau Gasol, was looking to get traded all last season. I have no idea what Brown sees in this, unless the Grizzlies are willing to give him total control as head coach, GM, and War Czar.

3. David Stern has defiantly lost his mind. He's going around claiming that the NBA will have five teams playing in Europe in the next two decades. How he thinks having a handful of teams across an ocean is going to help the league is beyond me. It's been obvious the NBA has been going global for sometime now and over the last 15 years it's popularity over seas has skyrocketed. But adding teams to a league that probably needs to contract and putting these teams on another continent really shouldn't be the direction for The Association. Plus who's going to be watching these games when they come on at some random hour in the U.S. Ratings will plummet. Stern's just full of the crazy ideas lately: the dress code, Orange Roundie, now this. He really needs to make one decision and one decision alone: bring back the '84 mustache!

4. Congratulations to Sebastian Telfair on capping off a great run since he decided to drop out of high school. In February of 2006, Bassy was caught on a plane with his "girlfriend's" gun, and then in October he may or may not have shot Fabolous. Now he gets pulled over to speeding, is found with a handgun, has a suspended Florida license (wait...what? Florida?) and then gets cut by the C's. Bravo. Standing ovation. The Bengals have reportedly offered him a 5-year deal. Though now word yet on how much the contract is worth.

5. And just for fun, here's a clip of Crispin Glover cracked out of his mind on Letterman. Hey you! Get your damn hands off her!

2 Responses to “So I Gave Up Tap For Jazz And I've Never Regretted It”

  1. # Blogger J Cramer

    My favorite moment of the playoffs so far is Pat Riley calling out D-Wade for playing bad defense. Then the media defends D-Wade by saying that he is at 85%, at 11000% D-Wade would still be a subpar defender. I got something else to tell you Pat, D-Wade is a streaky jump shooter too.

    I'm devoting the next week to watching as much of the playoffs as I can. This sitting around in a house that doesn't smell like beer and whore actually does a number on one's psyche. I'm feeling pumped like Telfair at the Hot 97 studios or maybe he is a Power 105 man. I don't know I haven't talked to him.  

  2. # Blogger Maximis

    When the hell did Crispin Glover become batshit crazy? I don't know how you know about that video, but its precious.

    P.S. Oh the glories of a house that doesn't smell like beer and whore... Glad you are enjoying it Jason, glad you are.  

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