Memories of Last Summer: World Cup 2006

I was watching some saved videos on my computer today and came across my favorite video package, the U2 World Cup 2006 ABC video. Last year's World Cup for American viewers was marred by many different atrocities; Dave O'Brien, endless Bono commercials, and shitty SportsCenter highlights. ABC though on the last day of the World Cup brought it together with the greatest piece of sports and music blended together with the post-World Cup U2 "One" video.

To tell a little bit of a story and give some background about this video package and entire World Cup, me and Freshman watched the final while he was skipping out on a delivery from Meal's Delivered. I was firmly behind France due to the fact that I was fed up with the Italian National Team cheating their way to the final. Freshman was of the same mindset that Italy couldn't win for the good of football. Also I was getting the chance to see one of my footballing heroes lace it for the last time, Zidane, this game meant alot to me. What followed is the most crazy final in the history of football with Zidane getting sent off for the "headbutt heard around the world".

Last summer to me was the summer of the World Cup. I watched every single match off of DVR and had the pleasure of watching the USA's opening match with Brendan and Freshman. Decked out in a DeMarcus Beasley USA jersey I skipped out of work early and got home to watch us play the team from my ethnic background the Czech Republic. Within five minutes I was screaming at the TV with my head in the ground after a goal by the Czech Republic. At the end of the game it was decided that I couldn't watch the Italy game with everyone at the bar because of the racial slurs I had slung at Eddie Pope. I have never been more excited than when Christian Zaccardo scored an own goal and let the US back into the game. I ran around the shitty 353 screaming and jumping up and down kissing the badge on my jersey like I was Brian McBride. This video sums up everything that World Cup was about to a t and shows that if an american company cares about the "World's Game" they can make something decent.

Wow I can't believe that was a year ago.......

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