Nine Minutes Of Heaven

Do you like tall Asians? And basketball? And Chinese power-ballads or even Bon Jovi? Of course you do, which is why you need to watch this nine minute long video clip of Yi Jianlian. Seriously, it's fantastic.

My favorite parts are around the 2:00 mark the random 'highlight' of Yi being fouled and then falling over. Then around the 4:30 mark, the clip holds on a picture of Yi staring blankly ahead for far too long. The editing on this is just too good.

Yi Jianlian Mix

2 Responses to “Nine Minutes Of Heaven”

  1. # Blogger Melby

    the man has only one facial expression and it's something along the lines of, "how many more times do i have to do this before someone starts paying me real money?"  

  2. # Blogger Freshman

    Oh, B, always catering to our Chinese fan base.  

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