Does Jason Think He Is Alive: Xavier McDaniel Edition

Let me preface this article by stating that this will be the start of a series of columns based on the idea if I believe a former athlete is dead. Of course, each article will end with me finding out that just because a person hasn't been on TV while I've been watching isn't, in fact, dead.

I am completely sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that former Celtic Xavier McDaniel died in like 2001. When I was a kid the X=Man was the biggest douchebag on a teamful of douchebags, the 1991-1992 New York Knicks. God I hated them and there high top fades and shitty non-nike shoes. I loved watching the C's play them and Larry Legend getting up in the ass. The bridge is over, the bridge over ah ah.

Well turns out Xavier McDaniel didn't die at all. He is enjoying life in Scotsdale, AZ with his wife of 59 years, Betsy. His youngest son Eldrick is the third-best realtor is the Southwest Region of Tampa (STAY AWAY FROM THE WESTSIDE!!!!). X-Man's hobbies now include collecting those pins that old dudes put on hats from the Franco-Prussian War and gardening. Take it from me all dudes love gardening.

Welcome to J-Town.

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  1. # Blogger Nate

    Where the hell can i buy a pair of the X-Mans shoes???  

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