Sevilla vs Espanyol: Unemployment Afternoon

While waiting for my drug test to clear (*hope they don't test for crystal meth*), I have tons and tons of free time. Today I watched the UEFA Cup Final between Sevilla and Espanyol. I expected absolutely nothing out of this game because Sevilla beat Espanyol in La Liga 3 weeks ago but I was plesantly suprised. The game had great drama and tension eventhough the outcome went the way I thought. Instead of recaping the game I'm going to give you, the loyal soccer fan, a update on which players you can tell your friends about and sound smart before they break bigger on the European scene.

1. Dani Alves. If you know anything about world soccer you know that Dani Alves is at the top of every big clubs wish list. Alves is by far the best right back in the entire world. He can play farther up the park on the wing but Alves really shines as a full back. Blinding pace and a great attacking mindset make him an unstoppable force for Sevilla.

2. Javi Navarro. Navarro is the anchor of the Sevilla back-line. He plays very similar to John Terry but with much more pace. Also he is a great passer from the center-back position and is the ignition to the Sevilla attack.

3. Ivan De La Pena. De La Pena is the player that the media claimed Juan Roman Riquelme to be when he played at Villareal. Completely orchestrates the Espanyol attack and could possibly be the long ball passer in the world. Tremendous player but is perhaps too old to become a force on the European scene again.

4. Iraizoz. Best goalkeeper in the UEFA Cup and a complete unknown playing at Espanyol. Mark my words, you will see this man in net for a Champions League winning team in his lifetime. Should be in the Spanish National Team squad for the EURO qualifiers in the summer.

So next time one of your friends brings up a big name on the summer transfer market bring up one of these guys. At least you will sound smarter than saying something about that unknown guy David Villa at Valencia. These guys are going to be the real impact players on the European scene.

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