Dear Suns, Step Ya Game Up

Listen, I like the Suns. I like their style of play. I like that Steve Nash plays the point like it should be played. I like watching Amare Stoudemire. More than that I like the fact that a good friend of mine (and Suns fan) has the lone dream of opening up a restaurant in the greater Phoenix area just to serve a dish called "Calamari Stoudemire". I told her she can't unless she serves it with a "Shawn Marion-era Sauce".

With that said, the Suns and their fans need to stop whining. The Spurs play tough D. That's how they've been the best professional team on the planet over the last decade. That's why they win championships. That and the fact that Tim Duncan has been the best player in the NBA over the last 10 years.

Bruce Bowen is a dirty player. Manu Ginobili is a flop artist. But, then again, Raja can play just as dirty as Bowen, and Nash flops all the time (case in point on the 'Bowen knee to his junk' play).

Amare was the first to run his mouth, but now the Suns fans won't shut up. Complaining isn't going to stop the Spurs from being physical. The only way to stop them is to play just as physical. Put it right back in their face. But because the Suns are a Dirk level of soft, the just cried instead of Man-ing up.

Big Shot Bob is going to sit for two for the body check on Nash. Reasonable. Also, Diaw and Stoudemire are going to sit for one because of some rule put into place in the mid-90s to clamp down on the thuggish Knicks and Heat teams of that time (Thanks, Pat Riley!). A case can be made for Amare to sit, it all depends on how you interpret the rule. But Diaw should be playing in Game 5.

Now, this video has started circulating on The Interwebs, and Suns fans are pointing out that The Stone Buddha might have broken this rule too. Some are saying that is Amare and Diaw are sitting, than so should Timmy D. Fact of the matter is that there was no altercation, there was no fight, and Duncan took a step onto the floor. Not a suspendable offense.

So we head into Game 5. The Suns without their best player in Amare and without the always solid Boris Diaw. The Spurs without Big Shot Bob. I'd say the Spurs got out ahead in this one.

On paper this looks like The End for the Suns. What they really need to do to win this series is step up. They need to stop talking and step up their collective game. They need to stop waiting for the refs to bail them out and go at the Spurs harder. And if this doesn't happen, they'll be sitting at home bitching about the calls all summer just like the Mavs did all last summer.

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