Charlie Manuel is the WORST...PERSON...EVER...and Rod Barajas...I hate you.

No! Seriously! Charlie Manuel....why you such a re-re???

Please read this blog... and you will understand how I feel.

Though I didn't even see the game, I think last night's Phils game may be one of the worst games of baseball this year. Or maybe ever. Let's recap:

1) Re-re brings in Brett Myers even though the Phillies have a four run lead.

2) One of the Phils' many no-names (but I'm naming him anyways...Greg Dobbs) makes the kind of mistake Charlie Manuel would if he wasn't too fat and old to play baseball anymore.

3) Rod Barajas makes an elementary mistake at catcher...because he is a giant piece of mexican caca.

4) Ole Chuck and Rodrigo both get tossed...cause their little bitches (or, as the word of my night is dictating, vaginas).

5) The Fightins pull an 8-7 win out of their asses.

I hate this team. If they werent my baseball team, I would constantly ridicule them...which I pretty much already do. Manuel is legitimately retarded. He's from West Virginia, and can't speak English. I would take Lou Pinella any day, and even if Barry Bonds was a conditional part of the deal, I'd still do it in a heart beat. I just don't understand. Phillies, you have a good team of youngsters...but when you put in your shitty prospects like Jason Werth and have a sack of shit at catcher in Roderick, you lose. Or should lose. I have no idea how they won last night. Hopefully the Phanatic paid off the Ump.

Ok, seriously though. Fire Charlie Manuel, and I'd quit school now to manage. It'd be a good opportunity for me. And plus, I wouldn't represent the City of Brotherly Love as the City of Incestual Illeteracy. I loathe you Chaz, truly I do. Plus, your middle name is Fuqua, which is an insult to my heritage, and a funny name.

So please, let's make a deal. You bet me on when the Phils will fire Manuel, and I will take the matter what. Even if you say in an hour, I'll take it.

As I watch the MLB game tracker, I thought the Phils had wisened up and put Chirs Coste in, but no, its now the middle of the fourth and good ole' Roddy is behind the plate. I hate my life.

And hey! the most pressing question in my mind of this whole debacle is who the fuck is gonna close??? I really like our friends at the PA blogspot, who have nicknamed Clay Condrey 'Jars of Clay' Condrey. Please Brett, just beat your wife to get your arm back in shape and get your ass back in the bullpen.

Your adequately enraged Phillies Fan.

5 Responses to “Charlie Manuel is the WORST...PERSON...EVER...and Rod Barajas...I hate you.”

  1. # Blogger Al Roakers

    Hoorah, Grant has learned how to use over under properly.  

  2. # Blogger B. Marcks

    Why is the Phils/Phils fans answer to everything "FIre the Manager"? What would this be, like the 15th skipper in 3 seasons?  

  3. # Blogger All Blog Spots

    great blog, keep the good work going :)  

  4. # Blogger Melby

    grant, i find your writing offensive.  

  5. # Blogger Brandon


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