Afternoon Football

So I had the day off of work and I decided to watch some football on DirecTV. I'll give a rundown of the three games that I watched today sparingly.

Game 1: Brazil vs Turkey (International Friendly)

Not going to lie I watched about 10 minutes of this borefest. It was Brazil playing a friendly in a strange European location against mediocre European competition, that means boring, lazy football. The big picture of the game is that Brazil has really begun to take the personality of coach, Dunga. Dunga in the late 80's basically invented the position of holding midfielder playing in Italy and for Brazil. In 1994, he captained the weakest Brazil squad in years to a World Cup title. In his brief reign Dunga has used more hardened central midfielders such as Gilberto Silva and Edmilson. This Brazil team in much more focused on organization and creating a hostile midfield environment. I like this new Brazil team and I have to think they will do well in the Copa America later this month.

Game 2: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 on XBox 360

Got back to my addiction after becoming bored by the Turkish attack. I basically play Winning Elevens every single day but I can't figure out which team I'm going to be for the games version of a dynasty mode. Not being able to pick a team has been the biggest problem I've had this summer. I'm really upset about this and I need help. Somebody suggest a team for me to play as in either the Dutch League, EPL, La Liga, or Serie A. Any advice will be considered.

Game 3: England U21 vs Slovakia U21

Only real observation I have on this game is that Ashley Young of Aston Villa is quite the player. Also David Nugent of Preston should be in the Premiership.

The highlight of the day for me is a fantastic cream of broccili soup I had for dinner. I think that soup is the best thing that has happened to me in the last month. My life has become extremely boring but the benefit to you is that I will be watching a ton of soccer. Look for a report of the US National Team's Copa America opener against Guatemala.

Time to search the fridge for some ice cream. Life is good.

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