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The good folks over at LASoccernews.com posted Landon Donovan's thoughts on the upcoming Copa America in Venezula. Landon is one of the 13 players that, not interim, manager Bob Bradley has asked to take part in both of the big summer tournaments the CONCACAF Gold Cup as well as the Copa. The fearless captain of the US National Team Landon is a little lukewarm on the idea of going to Venezula and testing his metal against world class South American opponents. Our boys open up against a rumored to be full strength Argentina squad.

Landon has given the absolute bullshit reason that he wants to focus on his club career at the Galaxy. Currently the Galaxy are second from bottom in the MLS Western Conference. The real story here is that by the end of the Copa America, David Beckham will arrive in LA to take over the world of US Soccer. Landycakes is very afraid of losing his position in the MLS as the golden boy. Beckham will be the center of attention in the MLS but he will still play on a team captained by Landon.

Here is where my problem lies with Landon, he is a gigantic pussy. He couldn't cut it in Germany because he missed his girlfriend, his dog, the SoCal weather, tanning, and surfing. So now he plays against lesser competition than a man of his talent should and is letting his career stagnate. The one place Landon had shown up is for the National Team. Despite not challenging and improving himself, Landon has also been on the team sheet for the USA but not anymore. The captain of our National Team can't be bothered to come to Venezula and captain his team against superior competition.

Bob Bradley needs to drop Landon for a couple of years, just drop him from the team. Let Jozy Altidore come into the team and show what he can do. Our national setup can't allow a SoCal wussbag lead the red, white, and blue out onto the field. For a minority of sports fans in this country the National Team is soccer. I'm a huge Chelsea FC fan but they aren't my team. I wasn't born in West London I've never even been to the country. My team is the National Team, I'm American and this is my football team. Give the captains armband to somebody who has a set of balls. Gooch, Cherundolo, Howard, or Duece anybody other than Landycakes. I shouldn't look at the captain as a coward but thats what he is now with Landy. I hated Claudio Reyna as the captian but at least he would show up for the big tournaments.

Landy Has Sand In His Vagina

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  1. # Blogger B. Marcks

    "Here is where my problem lies with Landon"

    Isn't that everyone's problem with him?

    Anyway, this is a funny thing about professional sports. The kid has a lot of talent, but he's not playing to the fullest of his potential. But, isn't that his decision? I mean I know it happens all the time, but it's sort of crazy for us (as fans) to put everything he has on the line and be crazy good. I know it's what we expect, but some people just don't have it in them.

    I mean I wish he did have it in him, for the sake of the USNMT, but if he doesn't, then so be it. It happens. What are you gonna do? Give me the Gooch and I'm happy.  

  2. # Blogger J Cramer

    If thats the case then we should just drop him for good. What does a guy half-assing his entire career do to the National Team.

    Landon shouldn't be the captain of a pub team let alone this nation.  

  3. # Blogger J Cramer

    Oh and Landon called out his manager. Bob Bradley responded by saying he isn't asking for volunteers. I hope Bradley has the balls to teach Landon a lesson.

    Enjoy the MLS and the surf Landon. When your an old man and you realize the waste of your talent, you will be a bitter man.  

  4. # Blogger Freshman

    i go to croatia for a fortnight and not only to random people start commenting (who the fuck is rusty?) but quinn starts writing? Seriously, what the fuck?  

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