With A White Bitch?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome the newest member of your Boston Celtics, Jesus Shuttlesworth himself Ray Allen. It only took the Celtics trading away Delonte West, who averaged 12.4 ppg last year and Big East Player of the Year Jeff Green (aka No. 5 Pick), also Wally and his amazing technicolor expiring contract. This is great news for Celtics fans what we get is the hardest worker in the NBA. Ray Allen is a great human being and will be a leader in the community. He will bring a work ethic to the Celtics that will be an example for the young nucleus of the team.

Ok seriously Ray Allen fucking lazy-ass one dimensional Ray Allen is what Danny Ainge cooked up for the Celtics. What is the best possible outcome of this trade for the C's? Allen scores 24 or 25 a game all while being a defensive liability and taking shots away from Pierce and Jefferson. Maybe if we are lucky Allen will just decide to tank the season and fake an injury. At least the Celtics didn't give up their future to get KG.....

Danny Ainge you are on notice. Who knows what I'm capable of?

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  1. # Blogger B. Marcks

    What's more impressive, I think, is that they bowed to Paul Pierce's demands. Sure, he's a fine player, but is he really worth the effort of trying to keep the team afloat because he threatened to demand a trade? Wouldn't the best thing to do there be keep the No. 5, and trade Peirce for a pick or two, or maybe some young talent elsewhere?

    In 2007 we not only see three of the more historic franchises in the league not getting any better (Knicks, C's, Sixers), but they have to compete with the Toranto Raptors and arguably the best GM in the game. Fantastic.  

  2. # Blogger Freshman

    I, for one, am very happy that we've taken the first step in the OJ Mayo sweepstakes. On a completely unrelated note, I drank a fifth of brandy last night and ran my Football Manager team into the groung. Completely unrelated.  

  3. # Blogger GM-Carson

    Maximis- thanks for stopping by my blog and drawing me in here to this funny blog. You guys interested in exchaning linkis? If so, just hop by We Should Be GM's @ http://pabaseball.blogspot.com and leave a comment.  

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