Things that Really Annoy Me #1: The Hawkeye Replay System

If you aren't familiar with what is known as the 'Hawkeye Replay System', please enlighten yourself with the wikipedia entry here: .

And after that, if you're feelin' game enough, why not figure out how the hell they decided to use it in Wimbledon, one of professional tennis' PREMIERE championships, here:

Roger Federer won Wimbledon for the 5th time in a row this weekend, and he played Rafael Nadal in the final for the 87th major in a row. Somehow, I decided it would be a good idea to watch this match.

I was wrong.

Not only was this match the same exact thing (except slightly closer) as I've seen every damn time they play, but for the first time I got to experience the relatively new Hawkeye system and understand what a trainwreck it is. I mean seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to put a robot thats only 90% accurate in charge of line calls? A CMU Grad? Wouldn't surprise me.

But honestly, this thing needs to die. And not a slow, painful death, a quick painful one. It is ridiculous how bad this thing is. I watched Roger Federer, the girly girl that he is, get legitimately angry over a call that was overturned by the hawkeye. I have never see Ole' Roger Rabbit angry before, but I don't blame him. Players get UNLIMITED CHALLENGES until they are overturned three times! For the love of all that is holy! All the other sports that have a challenge system at least have some boundaries, but not tennis. You could legitimately challenge every line call, and as long as you continued being correct, you could continue challenging every point.


I thought I'd had enough when basketball decided to incorporate an 'Official Review' or 'Challenge' or whatever 'The-Refs-Suck-So-We'd-Better-Let-Technology-Decide-This-One' system they have, but no, NOW I have officially had enough.

Seriously people. I have even grown to tolerate the obnoxious advertising on literally everything, but this is just too much. Let the people get paid to do their jobs. Let 'em play, as they say.

Federer nearly lost the championship over this stupid call. He lost the fourth set 6-2 after his confidence was rattled due to the controversial call being overturned. Tennis is a mental game, lets leave it up to people, not machines, to decide a winner.

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  1. # Blogger J Cramer

    Roger Federer is better at tennis than anybody in the world is at anything. Most dominate athlete alive right now but nobody except me and my mom care. Apparently Mom, Grant, and me are the only people in the continental US that care about tennis.  

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