I've Waited For This

Well I have finally brought my brand of anger back to Forty Minutes of Hell. I was waiting for a moment like this to make my return. Actually I just didn't have internet for a while and was focused on another project.
The big VHS-gate or whatever the fuck the media is calling the Patriots blatently cheating is like receiving the best gift of my life. This is really the equivalent of Lil' Wayne dropping Carter 3 and somebody buying me a cake at the same time. God damn this story makes me happy.
Its not really so much that the Patriots are getting what has been coming to them, its more to do with more bad news for the NFL. A league that has cultivated the image of smug self-importance to get story after story of bad news it makes a hater like me smile. Now Roger Goddell has to give the Patriots the same type of punishment he has given any player that has crossed him. Destroy them Emporer Goddell for the good of the public image of the league. May I give you two suggestions your majesty:
1. Take a couple of the Patriots draft...........and shove them directly up Bob Craft's ass. just joking. They should really take a couple of the Patriots draft picks over the next couple of years. Listen if its cool to suspend a guy without a conviction from the judicial system then its cool to ruin a franchise.
2. Make Bill Belichick host a live radio talk show where fans get to call him up and ask him questions. I would get one of those dialing machines so that I could constantly be on the line just to prod this giant douchebag until he explodes. Belichick you won 3 Super Bowls and you act like you are protecting military secrets when talking to anybody. I really hope that you get suspended so that I may get a chance to see you cry or show some emotion other than smugness, which I don't think is an emotion.
I don't think that this is actually that horrible of a thing but I just want to see the Patriots get screwed with. That makes me happy in a very small and petty way but then again thats how I roll. NFL its fantastic..........if you are smart enough to cheat.

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  1. # Blogger Maximis


    The bastard didn't even get suspended...and when has there ever been a 'conditional' loss of draft picks in any sport? Maybe in jai alai or something...but I've never heard of any other sport doing this.

    I really hope they make the playoffs so they can kiss the #1 pick goodbye.


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