Go, Squirrel, Go!

Squirrels! Who doesn't love them? Terrorists, that's who! But here in the United States of America they are seen as harbingers of good will, bringers of peace, eaters of acorns, and dodgers of cars. They frolic and cause little-to-no fuss. They have fun, bushy tails. And sometimes they fly!

Now the squirrel population has done what many scientists considered impossible and added one more trait to their litany of awesomeness: Yankees fan. "When did this happen," you ask? Well, just last week, as a squirrel has moved into - or rather, onto - the right field foul poll at Yankee Stadium.

Now unlike the New York Times, with their fancy journalism degrees and knowledge of Norse mythology outside of Manowar albums, I believe this to be a good thing. This is a good omen, a sign of fantastic things to come. For once the squirrel appeared on that fateful day last week, the Yankees went on to sweep the hated Boston Red Sox and strike fear into the heart of the eternally frustrated Freekin' Willy.

Now, granted, after that sweep the Yankees dropped three of four games and lost Andy Phillips, and (possibly) Roger Clemens. But tonight the squirrel appeared again. It was late in the game, the Yankees were leading Seattle 1-0 in a tight, well-pitched game, when the camera zoomed in on the right field foul poll. There he sat, in all his woodland glory, presiding over a Yankees' offense that let the floodgates open on Seattle's bullpen.

When the dust finally settled, the Yankees had prevailed with a 12-3 victory. The squirrel, of course, nodded in approval.

New York has now taken a two game lead in the AL Wild Card standings and Chien-Ming Wang has become the first 17-game winner in the league. All thanks in no small part to that squirrel.

Now, I'm not going to say this makes the New York Baseball Yankees a mortal lock to become World Series Champions. But, let us not forget a plucky primate from the West Coast that led the former Anaheim Angels all the way to the title. And lets be honest here, squirrel beats Rally Monkey hands down. Especially when one is a clip from a Jim Carrey movie, and the other has moved - lock, stock and barrel full of nuts - into the House That Ruth Built.

Beware, American League. Beware, Major League Baseball. Fear The Squirrel.

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  1. # Blogger Cyndi

    Squirrels are awesome and every body knows it!  

  2. # Blogger janina

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

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