Is The Birdman About To Fly?

Many moons ago, when Freshman and I cohabited a small dorm room at Pitt, we watched WAY too much basketball. And because of such b-ball bingeing, we came across a young man on the Nuggets known as Chris Anderson - a.k.a. The Birdman. He quickly became a 2-West Fan Favorite due in no small part to his minimal minutes, sweet moves and the time that he permed his hair.

Following his stint with the Nugs, he moved on to the Hornets where he gained recognition from a wider fan-base thanks to this fantastic performance (remember, kids, EVERYTHING is funnier when it involves Yakety Sax):

Sadly, this would be the Birdman's last time to shine in the NBA. He was suspended for substance abuse a few months later. I know, I know. It's hard to believe watching this clip that he would ever touch a drug, but it's true. It happened.

Now here we are, almost two years later. And the Boston Globe is reporting on the possibility of Anderson coming back to The Association. We here at Forty Minutes will be waiting with baited breathe for the day when The Birdman can soar again. Godspeed, Chris Anderson.

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